Do you have something to hide?

Well, with this software you can hide your secrets in plain sight by encrypting them in the pixel data of .png files.

You can make it practically impossible for anyone besides you from accessing your hidden data and you can safely store it on any internet service that doesn't change the image (e.g. resize, watermark etc) when you upload .png files.

Watch the example videos to see what this software can do.
Example videos
The first video shows the basics of how to install and use this software and it's called For Your Eyes Only.

The second video shows a slightly more advanced way to hide data and it's called Revolutionary Thoughts.

I'd like to thank the Smithsonian Open Access for making these videos possible because they made the images free to use.

You can download the installer (Win 7+) and play with the example images but the save button is disabled until you click on the buy now button and dish out 10 (using Paypal).

If you buy the software, I will send you a serial key to your email that you can then input in the "Help/License..." menu to unlock the save button (this may take a day or two since I'm not at the computer all the time).

You can use your serial key on all of your personal and family computers but I would appreciate if your "extended family" didn't include any "Arrrr, matey" sites.

If you have any questions or you need an enterprise license covering multiple users, please contact support at epixx dot org.